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    KICKOFF WEEKEND: Xolos Academy begins Presidio League

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Xolos Academy FC in Chula Vista carries Mini Xolos youth team

CHULA VISTA –Dribbling, sprinting, ball contact and having fun are considered to be essential skills to play soccer. Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente is bringing that to its communities in the region through its Xolos Academy FC. The Club Tijuana youth soccer school carries the Mini Xolos category.


The Mini Xolos category is designed for the youngest athlete. It is a resource that parents can use to have their children start a path to a talented career on and off the field, whether it be through soccer or anything else in life.


Xolos Academy FC Administrative Director Ramon Vazquez, who has been part of the organization since 2012, talks to us about what the Mini Xolos teams are all about and why parents should enroll their young athletes in this project.


Question and Answer with Ramon Vazquez:


Q: What is the Xolos Academy FC’s purpose and structure?

A: “The Academy’s goal is to create great athletes specializing in soccer based on discipline, honesty, focus, game technique and physical and mental development. We want to reach those goals through strategic planning for player development (Mini Xolos – Under-19) with our certified coaches and constant evaluation within the club. We use planned training sessions, proper equipment, soccer clinics and games.”


Q: Why have a Mini Xolos category?

A: “The Mini Xolos category is for us the most fun category. It is where boys and girls can advance in their development through fun exercises that include motor skills learning, attention span and socialization improvement activities that can help reach simple and short term goals. Mini Xolos is our Kindergarten and it is the base of our program.”


Q: What is Mini Xolos?

A: “Mini Xolos is the most fun way for children ages 4 to 6 to learn how to play soccer.”


Q: What is different about this youth academy compared to others in the area?

A: “That is a very good question. Parents ask us that all the time and so do players. The difference is that we count on a professional plan in five categories: Technique, skill, mental, physical and concept knowledge. Trained coaches and directors bring this to the academy. Coach Ignacio Ruvalcaba brings this to our table. He brings the same ambitions and experience that Club Tijuana has with its Programs south of the border.”


Q: Who are the coaches in charge of this category and why are they part of this category?

A: “The Mini Xolos coaches include Rene Miramontes, who has more than 20 years of coaching experience. Coach Sebastian Salomon and coach Juan Carlos Zepeda are specialists in youth development.”


Q: What league, tournaments and competitions do Mini Xolos teams compete in?

A: “The Mini Xolos play within the same category against invited teams. The purpose of this is to prepare them for competition in the Presidio League’s Under-8 category.”


Q: When does the competition calendar begin?

A: “The calendar for this category began April 7.”


Q: What else would you like people to know about Mini Xolos?

A: “We want people to know that they are welcomed. And when children become part of our program, they will be practicing at Hilltop High School in Chula Vista. Kids in the Under- 4 and U-5 categories need to bring a No. 3 soccer ball. Those in the Under-6 can bring a No. 4 ball. Everyone needs to bring shin guards, cleats for natural grass and tennis shoes for those practicing in the Futbol Factory artificial turf.”